In the poem they show a close relationship between the father and the son and the and an acceptance of letting go of his child is evidence of his love and shows a close relationship between the father and son. the poem shows the connection the strong bond the father has towards his son. in the poem Eden rock there is signs that suggest both poem share similar characteristic. both poem show their interpretation of moments of separation.

in the poem Eden rock it expresses the child experience as traumatic and disturbing one of the evidence that shows this ( i had not thought that it would be like this) this quotation from the poem suggest a traumatic experience for the child this also shows the separation as being sudden and is effecting the child mental

how is relationship presented in the poem walking away

In the poem they show a close relationship between the father and the son and the and an acceptance of letting go of his child is evidence of his love and shows a close relationship between the father and son. the poem shows the connection the strong bond the father has towards his son.

natural toe

love is presented in many various ways in the poem natural tone. the writer presents love as betrayal an uses many language techingue to get his message across.

Thomas hardy uses pathetic fallacy to create the atmosphere of the poem. he uses winter day to create a scene of foreboding this is shown through the poem Thomas hardy uses these in language techniques the setting that is presented in the poem witch shows him beside a pond shows romance in an negative manner from the first paragraph its portrays love as fake due to its paste tense this shows that the relationship was already over. already the poem indicates that the relationship was depleting. as you go on into the poem it describes their relationship by using language technique they are many changes throughout the poem neutral tone including the 4th stanza.The fourth stanza provides a turning point for the poem as the reader realises that what has been explained so far is a described memory this already shows the reader the relationship and love ha been lost the third line is also broken up which perhaps suggests that the speaker does not feel quite as neutral about the memory as the title suggest’s. The third and fourth lines start with negative words such as None and Not the poems uses of negatives undermines the presentation as the second stanza is less conventional as wishes are offered. another way witch the poem portrays love as a betrayal is the smile on your mouth was the deadest thing . this quotation suggest that that the relationship between the man and the woman was fake and was fading away it also show that their love was was ent going to survive. the following line also backs up my theory alive enough to have strength to die. I think that this quotation suggest that she wanted to break up as the relationship had already died a long time ago.

A grin of bitterness swept by this quotation suggests that her smile is fake just like her relationship it also shows her happiness on the outside was masking her true emotion on the inside. The closing lines are presented as a list, an energetic, optimistic outburst that contrasts with the previous language of being average and dull witch suggest optimism. Thomas hardy also calls love as deceiving as he says loves deceives this is another way he shows that love can trick a person Tone is broadly described as the author’s attitude toward his or her subject. It can be passionate, distant, angry, and light hearted among many other possibilities. Unfortunately there are too many possibilities for us to cover, and without knowing your subject, we cannot give the most specific advice possible. The obvious pitfalls include sounding condescending or frivolous, while sounding energetic and enthusiastic is a definite positive.Despite the title’s claim, there is a clear pattern of negative words which runs through the poem lost deadest die bitterness ominous the poet sets the poem in the winter when natural life is less readily visible. The natural features of the landscape in which the poem is set have all been chosen carefully by Hardy to highlight the meaning of the poem and contribute to the tone in the first stanza, for instance the Water is often used by poets to represent life here it is a small, still body of water with no movement emphasizing how the relationship is not going anywhere. the sun is Usually associated with life and here the sun is white and seemingly needy for its warmth and nurture. the decaying leaves these are decaying – just like the relationship. They are gray, as though the color has drained from them. Interestingly, the leaves presumably from the same tree in the last stanza are grayish almost as if the memory is stronger than the reality from where the speaker currently stands. the ash is an ash tree is the source of the leaves but by leaving out the word tree’the reader is reminded of the remains of a fire that has long since burned out symbolizing the death of the relationship and that it burnt out quickly this also means the relationship ended quickly as fire burns trees quickly this is a symbol of saying their relationship was also weak.

Letter to McCandless

dear Chris McCandless i am my name is Manasse Bashiya and i am writing to you after hearing your story. you have inspired many people including myself.

One of the ways you have inspired me is you were not bothered with money. By burning your money and rejecting your parents gift this showed me that you were not willing to follow with society and saying that money and things such as presents are useless and causes people pain in their lives suggesting money is depraved this When you burnt your money, it also showed that you are rebelling this inspired me because you were trying to say that you don’t need money or new things to be happy in your life.

another way you inspired people is you didn’t like how society treated each other

Into the wild comparing essay

Christiphor McCandless was a 23 year old man who set out to the wild for his personal ambition. A year later he was found dead. Both Jon Krakuer and Sean Penn have interpreted McCandless’s story in their personal way Krakeur making a book and Penn in making a movie. In this essay I will be analysing the comparison between McCandless’s family and McCandless himself in the book and the film.

The film presents McCandless’s family in a negative way. An example in the film is physical fights. They are portrayed in a negative manner through out the film. In the book there is no evidence that Walt and Billie ever got in any physical fights. Penn uses this scene in the movie to show that both parents didn’t get along with another. In the book they show a negative side of McCandless family but also shows that both parents loved McCandless. The movie also shows Chris McCandless dislike for his parents as the movie portrays that Chris McCandless did not like his parents, evidence in the movie for this is his speech to Carine McCandless when he wishes his parents would have never have met. This shows that Chris McCandless did not like his parents relationship. Another piece of evidence that shows that Chris McCandless disliked his parents, especially his dad, is when he found out that his father had another family. This appears in the book and was one of the reason Chris McCandless disliked his father.

Both the book and movie show a strong relationship between Chris McCandless and Carine McCandless. The book and the movie present Chris as a caring brother towards Carine, the evidence that shows this was Chris and Carine would walk home together after school holding hands. This was mentioned in the book and suggests that Chris loved Carine very much. Another piece of evidence that shows that Chris and Carine had a strong relationship is from the movie, the scene where Chris and Carine are in the car together as Chris was reading to her. This scene shows the trust between Chris and Carine. The books mostly show the relationship between the two characters as the movie doesn’t as much. The book also tells the reader that she viewed her brother as a role model as he was talented in everything he did, this suggests that Carine respected he brother deeply and evidence for this is that it showed that Carine respects her older brother when she joined her school band because of Chris and she started to play the french horn because of her brother, the only thing she was better than Chris at.

The movie doesn’t show an early life of Chris McCandless in contrast to the book as it goes into detail of Chris’ childhood, highlighting events that show him as questioning society. But the movie starts with Chris graduating college at the beginning. The book goes into depth about Chris’s childhood and gives the reader an idea of his childhood giving us an outlook of why Chris McCandless set out to the wild. This is a technique Jon Krakeur uses in order for the reader to understand more about McCandless family and Chris Mcandless himself. The book shows why Chris didn’t like the way society treated each other, evidence that showed this is shown in the movie . In the scene where Chris is in a bar with Wayne Westerberg he starts yelling about Society and how its bad telling Wayne about his trip to Alaska. When Chris McCandless burns his money, he is also showing that he is rebelling. By burning his money he is showing that he is not willing to follow with society and saying that this money is useless and causes people pain in their lives suggesting money is depraved.

In the book Walt is presented as a smart man who was very intelligent. The evidence that suggest this in the book is he worked for NASA. This was mentioned in the book in my opinion to show that Walt McCandless was an intelligent man. The movie dose not show this and portrays Walt as an aggressive abuser as shown in the scene where he hits McCandless mother Billie. The book also shows that McCandless father was a well respected man the evidence that shows this is quotations from his friends, this also suggest that Walt was a respected man with a high stature. This also compares to McCandless who was also a very intelligent man which is shown in the book and in the movie. It shows this in the movie and book as he graduated from college, he was also accepted by top universities. He got all A’s in his courses this showed a similarity between Mcandless and his father. Although McCandless father was presented in a positive manner he was also shown to have a double life. This affected McCandless life and he disliked the fact that his father had another family it also meant he lost respect for his father.

The book and the movie show that Chris McCandless and Walt McCandless have similar characteristics. One of them is that they are both stubborn. Evidence that shows this in the book and in the movie is the scene where Chris Mcandless parents offer him a car and his tone towards his parents “Do you think I want some fancy boat? Or are you worried about what the neighbours will think” This quotation from the movie suggests that McCandless was bullheaded. Another evidence that shows that he was disrespectful towards his parents is the tone he uses when he replies in a sarcastic tone suggesting that he is disrespectful. Evidence in the movie that shows that Walt is a stubborn man is his reaction to Chris’s parents as he says “Everything’s gotta be difficult.” This quote suggests that Walt is also stubborn and was not having it from Chris as his tone to his voice is projected in an angrily manner. This suggests that Walt is stubborn from the movie.

McCandless family are shown in many perspectives through out the movie and the book. Penn’s movie showed a different side of McCandless family in both a positive and negative way. Penn uses his imagination to make the movie more interesting as Jon Krakeur use primary resources as a way of writing McCandless story.

arsen wenger

Hi my name is Manasse Bashiya, and I’m here to talk about why Arsen Wenger is one of the best managers if not the best. For starters, he has a great record for bringing the best out of players. For example he took players like Thierry Henry, Robin Van Persie and Dennis Berkamp and turned them into world class players. Another reason why Arsen Wenger is one of the best managers is because he is the only manager to ever complete a whole season undefeated which many manager’s, such as Sir Alex Ferguson, could not achieve. Arsen Wenger is also a great manager as he is one of the only manager’s to enter the Champion’s League more than 15 times in a row.The last reason why Arsen Wenger is one of the best manager is because he brought something new to the premier league as he changed the way arsenal played forever.

manasse bashiya letter

dear Nicky Morgan i strongly believe that student should study poetry to understand different concept of English i think that poetry give a wider range of understanding how poetry work and how different poetry is to a ordinary piece of writing. poetry is a different way of some one expressing their feeling like for example poetic writers who have been through a lot in there life will tend to write about all the bad thing that have happen in there life in a poem as a way to express them selves.

Another reason why I think student should study it is because it offers different skills that cold later help the in life and it develops there skill in English wich could later help the in english test such as gcsc

Thoughtful ideas, Manasse. This does not seem to be finished. Make sure that you use a proper sign-off when you finish the letter.

manasse bashiya essay

the question that i will be doing is comparing how does Ernest Hemingway and David Simon use language to build up suspense in their story.

the way Ernest Hemingway uses language to build suspense is he uses 3rd person instead of 1st person or second person he uses 3rd person to build more suspense.

Ernest Hemingway also uses short declarative sentences like for example in the story he only uses short sentences when speaking to AL .Ernest Hemingway also uses irony such as verbal irony when AL calls George a bright boy when he dosent mean it.

Another way Ernest Hemingway uses language to build suspense is he uses foal language such as the n word to describe the  in a bad manner.i think that this build suspense as he trying to create an effect.

one other way Ernest hemmingway st huses language to build suspense is the title.the title the killers give the audience a clear picture of what going to happen in the story.this builds irony such as dramatic irony to build suspense

the other way Ernest Hemingway builds suspence is when Ernest Hemingway was describing what al was doing with the gun like for example it says the cutt of the barrel of the shotgun made a slight bulge under waist of his too tightfitting overgout.this builds up suspence as it descrobes what al is doing i think the way al s doing i think the way ernest Hemingway was describing the scene built more suspense


Manasse –

You need to do a lot of work on where you mark sentences. You rarely use capital letters, even for the pronoun “I”.

You make reference to irony, which is good, but you should use a few more examples to show it. Remember to put quotations into quotation marks.


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